About Us

The Vision

Committed to provide our client with a unique and top quality flower arrangement equipped with the principle of

simplicity and perfection

The Mission

To meet our clients objectives and

exceed our services beyond expectations.

Who we are?

Blossom Promise

Casa Petals specializes in providing fresh, exotic, and state of the art flower arrangements powered by the most right brained florists and designers.
We mold a classical and elite approach, intelligently and artistically, provide all kind of flower arrangements and decorations that deserve recognition for its distinctive character, which is budget friendly and gives a luxurious taste to the visualizers.
We always provide services that suite and satisfy the taste of our clients.

What we do?

The Creative

touches of florist

Recently we have engaged multi-cultural florists and designers to create a masterpiece for every occasion. Casa Petals Designers team live and work by the triple C philosophy: Creative, Caring, Compassionate – making our brand standout among competition.